Saturday, December 19, 2009

HAPPLY HOLIDAYS - Some LINKS you might enjoy !

My Xmas, Hanukkah & Solstice present to you ALL !!! Some of these sites are GREAT.... some merely interesting. Enjoy and happy reading over the holidays!!

Complications Ensue (Screenwriting) :

Urban Muse :

The Artful Writer (Screenwriting):

Quips & Tips:

Angela Booth:

Writers on the Rise:

What's it Like? (Screenwriting TV):

Renegade Writers:

Ken Levine (Screenwriting):

Words on the Page:

Tightrope Walker (Screenwriting TV):

Query Shark:

Nathan Bransford:

Janet Reid Lit Agent:


Kung Fu Monkey (Screenwriting Biz):

Jane Espenson (Screenwriting TV):


Inky Girl:

Write for your Life:

Writer Unboxed:

Scriptwriter's Network:

Screenwriting Goldmine:

Unknown Screenwriter Blog:

Websites for Writers:

Cinema Autopsy: